About Us

Shanvi L&T Deals in Logistic and Trading work. Logistic has roal of transportation of raw and refined minerals and other various products. Trading deals specially in Building material supplie. In Trading we deal in wholesale and retail of building material

Shanvi Logistics & Traders is a leading Building Material Supplier in Dehradun Uttrakhand with unlimited Quantity & Quality with quick delivery service in best market price.

Please feel free to call us 9099977076, 9760044979 for booking your Building material.

Constructing Home is a dream of every one do not compromise in material we provide the best quality material.

Our material has been tested multiple times in the practical laboratories for strength test our material has successfully passes the fracture test and compression test.

Our past and present clients are recognized construction company and contractors who are always in search of best price and quality we are glad to fulfill their requirements since so many years.

If you are individual who are planning to construct their dream home or commercial property but do not have adequate knowledge we are the right person who can help you in this situation. We have a team of experts who can guide you in every phase of construction till the completion.

If you are looking for trusted contractor for constructing your dream project we have our construction partner our sister Concern Company will help you to construct your dream home or commercial property.

Our vision

Our goal is to supply the best quality in effective price to the customers, If we are able to make our customers happy today we are sure we will get there reference business tomorrow.

We also educate our customers to be alert from the fraud and cheat people do in market because in search of only cheap price genuine customers gets trapped in their falls commitments.

Tips to avoid fraud

  • Never pay in advance prefer pay on delivery
  • Check the quality with the help of experts at the time of unloading (Delivery).
  • Measure the weight at weighing bridge (KANTA) where the truck weight is measured.
  • Supplier may add water to material to increase weight and you may end up paying for overweight.
  • Once the load is measured always ask the truck to follow you otherwise they may drop some material and can deliver you underweight again you may end up paying for overweight.

Our Team

Abhishek Bhandari

Managing Director

Sunil Manral

Managing Director

Raj Kamal

Executive Officer

Neeraj Manral

Accountant Officer


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